Campaign Spelljammer Reference Material and Modules

These items make up the Campaign setting of Spelljammer

Spelljammer : Boxed Sets

TSR# Sub# Description PDF
1049 AD&D Adventures In Space X
1065 Legend of the Spelljammer X
1072 War Captain's Companion X
1087 The Astromundi Cluster X


Spelljammer : Accessories

TSR# Sub# Description PDF
2130 CGR1 The Complete Spacefarer's Handbook t
9313 SJR3 DM's Reference Screen X


Spelljammer : Modules

TSR# Sub# Description PDF
9273 SJA1 Wildspace X
9286 SJA2 Skull & Crossbows X
9299 SJA3 Crystal Spheres X
9325 SJA4 Under the Dark Fist
9347 SJQ1 The Heart of the Enemy X
9280 SJR1 Lost Ships X
9312 SJR2 Realmspace X
9328 SJR4 Practical Planetology
9361 SJR5 Rock of Bral X
9374 SJR6 Greyspace X
9409 SJR7 Krynnspace X
9411 SJR8 Space Lairs X
9343 SJS1 Goblin's Return X



  • X = I have complete document with cover art and graphics
  • t = I have text only document with no cover art/graphics