Campaign Planescape Reference Material and Modules

These items make up the Campaign setting of Planescape

Planescape : Boxed Sets

TSR# Sub# Description PDF
2600 Planescape Campaign Setting X
2603 Planes of Chaos X
2607 Planes of Law X
2615 Planes of Conflict X
2610 Player's Primer to the Outlands X
2621 Hellbound: The Blood War X


Planescape : Accessories

TSR# Sub# Description PDF
2609 In The Cage: A Guide to Sigil X
2611 The Factol's Manifesto X
2620 The Planewalker's Handbook X
2623 On Hallowed Ground X
2624 Uncaged: Faces of Sigil X
2625 A Guide to the Astral Plane X
2630 Faces of Evil: the Fiends X
2633 A Guide to the Ethereal Plane X
2634 The Inner Planes X
2635 Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix 3 X
9506 Chronomancer X
11361 Warriors of Heaven X


Planescape : Modules

TSR# Sub# Description PDF
2601 The Eternal Boundary X
2604 The Well of Worlds X
2605 In the Abyss X
2606 The Deva Spark X
2608 Fires of Dis X
2614 Harbinger House X
2619 Something Wild X
2626 Doors to the Unknown X
2628 The Great Modron March X
2629 Faction War X
2631 Dead Gods X
2632 Tales From the Infinite Staircase X
9586 A Paladin in Hell X



  • X = I have complete document with cover art and graphics
  • t = I have text only document with no cover art/graphics