Campaign Lankhmar Reference Material and Modules

These items make up the Campaign setting of Lankhmar

Lankhmar : Sourcebooks

TSR# Sub# Description PDF
9162 Lankhmar: City of Adventure (1st Ed.)
2137 Lankhmar: City of Adventure (2nd Ed.) X
2137G Lankhmar: City of Adventure Geomorphs (2nd Ed.) X
1144 Lankhmar : New Adventures of Fafrd and Gray Mouser


Lankhmar : Accessories

TSR# Sub# Description PDF
9461 Rogues in Lankhmar
9470 Cutthroats of Lankhmar X


Lankhmar : Modules

TSR# Sub# Description PDF
9150 CA1 Swords of the Undercity X
9170 CA2 Swords of Deceit X
9276 LNA1 Thieves of Lankhmar X
9305 LNA2 Nehwon X
9318 LNA3 Prince of Lankhmar X
9371 LNQ1 Slayers of Lankhmar X
9295 LNR1 Wonders of Lankhmar X
9329 LNR2 Tales of Lankhmar X
9481 Avengers in Lankhmar X



  • X = I have complete document with cover art and graphics
  • t = I have text only document with no cover art/graphics