Campaign Mystara Reference Material and Modules

These items make up the Campaign setting of Mystara

Mystara : Boxed Sets

TSR# Sub# Description PDF
1105 First Quest - Intro to AD&D
2500 Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure X
2501 Mystara Monstrous Compendium Appendix X
2511 Glantri: Kingdom of Magic
2504 Red Steel Campaign Expansion boxed set X
9500 Red Steel - Savage Baronies Accessory


Mystara : Accessories

TSR# Sub# Description PDF
9372 AC1010 Poor Wizard's Almanac
9441 AC1011 Poor Wizard's Almanac II
2506 AC1012 Poor Wizard's Almanac III X
2517 Joshuan's Almanac X
2510 Player's Survival Kit
2512 Dungeon Master's Survival Kit X


Mystara : Modules

TSR# Sub# Description PDF
2502 Hail the Heroes X
2509 Night of the Vampire X
2513 Mark of Amber



  • X = I have complete document with cover art and graphics
  • t = I have text only document with no cover art/graphics